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September 15, 2008


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Eric Blood Axe

Sleights of hand please.

Wayne Hamilton

I'm Toto sniffing out the man pulling the levers behind the curtain in Oz. Looks queer to me.
Meantime those responsible at Lehman et al. are being bailed out for mismanaging our investments by tax-supported federal bailouts? Level playing field? Hardly...


Please just make it plain. You went a little to far with the energy analogy

George Mobus


What analogy? I'm not saying it is an analogy. Point # 1 makes it clear that to talk about the economy IS to talk about energy. Reduce the energy flow and you reduce the work that can be accomplished in the economy, useful or otherwise.


The economic options were to:

1.Increase the supply of energy per capita by collecting from underutilised sources i.e. solar or wind.

2.Increase the work done by the average unit of energy or efficiency.

3.Find new sources of existing energy streams to replace declining supplies.

4.Reduce the number of users.

The powers that be chose #3, the futile cycling path. Even with negative feedback pricing poor consumers out the disruption of marginal consumers creates supply destruction or war.

The economic mess will only start to repair when we realize that energy, not money, is the crucial ingredient.

Nice blog, btw.


I'd like to hear some more from Dwayne - how he came to the conclusion that there was a analogy involved.

I've been reading for about a year and a half.

In '71 as a high school senior I did a book report of Ehrlich's 'Population Bomb.

So, the relationship of energy to everything else is clear to me. I'd like to hear why it's not clear to Dwayne.

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