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March 29, 2009


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Wow, great post George!

I wish I had something like this to learn instead of the worthless, redundant and awful structure of the general education at OU. How was I suppose to become a well rounded person by relearning the same government, fine arts and English stuff from high school, what a joke/waste of my time. The closest I think I have gotten to systems perspectives is through my industrial engineering curriculum, which isn't all that broad IMO. I think I've learned most of my systems thinking from works and likes of Nate Hagens, Jeff Vail, You and others at theOilDrum and various related websites/blogs. Do you have any good books you would recommend for getting a better systems perspective? I mean is there any book out there that includes, i.e The more Hierarchical in nature a system is the more vulnerable the system as a whole is to to systemic shock. While the less hierarchical and more decentralized/Rhizome-like/diversified a system is the more resilient the system is as a whole to systemic shocks/collapse?

-Andrew Crews

Core Drills

I too have the same feelings..But slightly different from you..I enjoyed learning all in my schooldays till pre-degree..After that my engineering was a utter flop..Because i didn't have interest in the subjects..

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