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May 09, 2009


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Hi George, I am pleased my ideas have stimulated your thinking a little and slightly flattered you used my comments for your Blog!
I agree with most of your insights and analysis but would like to elaborate on the vested interests of the current ‘stunted sapients’ who will resist any kind of selected meritocracy with cries of elitism and accountability. They (and I include a vast array of academic thinkers in my ‘they’ along with those in control) do not believe any individuals can overcome the temptations of psychological and financial corruption once in power. In contrast I (and I suspect you) have more faith in the potential of humanity via sapient individuals (and/or collectives of wise elders) to act beyond their for accountability, the spiralling chain always ends in a singular act of faith; the question remains who do you trust?- a random mass collection of (potentially and statistically) ideologically conditioned individuals or a small group of demonstrably sapient individuals?
I have a sneaking suspicion that they would not support a multi-tiered meritocracy even if it worked (by reversing the ecocidal path of civilisation) if it involved coercian ... limit consumption, free movement, or other individual 'libertarian rights'.
This is another symptom, I believe, of the separation of humanity from its roots from nature, community, our food, of belonging to something greater than the individual- (misdirected into the opposing camps of organised religion and Dawkins type ‘scientology’)
A Sapient meritocracy’s aim should be the reconnection of that lost separation to nature community, and meaning- the self-complexifing universe evolving (and playing) through us all.

George Mobus

Very well said GaryA


Steven Earl Salmony

Wonderful commentary. Keep going and, especially, thanks for all you are doing.

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