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July 26, 2011


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Without their TV make-up, it's revealed that they really are Clowns:

Well, I guess 'modern' Capitalist Industrial Civilization won't be devolving/simplifying in any sort of orderly and coherent manner.

Siddharth Soni

I still can't fathom how does this issue of energy and its relation to economic well-being evade all the leaders and industrialists in general.

George Mobus


Brilliant! I don't recognize some of them, but that's probably because I don't watch much TV. Did you do these?


One letter short of a famous name! I can loan you an 'a'.

On a serious note, it is incomprehensible isn't it. I have two explanations. Either they are all idiots because if they weren't they probably wouldn't be in the positions they are. Fools rush in and all that.

Or they are liars, every one. They can lie to themselves and everyone else. We humans are good at it. Scientists are about the only group of people who try (not always succeeding of course) to not be liars. In fact, if they are doing their job correctly they are trying to prove themselves wrong! Imagine a politician adopting that kind of attitude?

Welcome to QE. Hope to see you around again.


Andrew Xnn

Obviously, the world will never be utopia. However, there will be areas better off than others. Barring major catastrophes (explosion at Yellowstone Park for example) people who work together productively and efficiently, will be better off than those who don't.

Wars are not generally productive ventures.


Our species are not that poor - there are some wise people like you who understand what is going on. To talk to the rich, I think we need to offer vision of better future:

George Mobus


Sounds like you are describing people of wisdom!


Not to paint with too broad a brush, but I suspect very many of those who are rich have already figured out what their better future looks like (or that of their offspring). And I suspect it looks like just a lot more of the same thing that got them rich in the first place. As for would-be philanthropists, the better future they are looking for is just getting more people out of poverty or sickness (e.g. Bill Gates Jr.) I will bet money that none of the rich folk have factored in what it means to live in a world of diminishing energy.


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