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December 06, 2013


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Whoops! Typo in the title. :-)

It's depressing the degree to which wisdom stands out against the norm, isn't it? Of course, everyone will spend their time talking about what made him special (which is fair), but will fail to ask the logical follow-up question, "Why are there so few like that?"

Alexander Carpenter

The Nelson Mandela narrative has illustrated the plasticity of political perspective and characterization — he has been described as a terrorist, a freedom-fighter, and a statesman. Once again we see that the propagandists are malleable and the endings of the stories are provided by the victors (or, at least, the most persistent and enduring voices). It’s enough to confirm an embrace of post-Modern valueslessness, were there no inbred standards for human integrity and compassion for us to fall back on. Unfortunately, all those “other leaders” are spinning their own narratives, and it requires great diligence to parse out the mind-noise from any heartfull actions. Too bad so many of them are empty suits, sloganeers, and toadies to their owners.


@Alexander C - Nicely said. Your final two sentences should be laid out in letters 5 miles long, so any aliens unwary enough to look in our direction will be spared the expense of seeking out intelligent life on this planet.

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