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October 10, 2018


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Men will always make a mess of governance because it's all about power and competing for mates.

Roope Bill

I was surprised to see your new post. I always look forward to the ones on the solstices and equinoxes because they are basically the only occasions I celebrate.
The Automatic Earth had a good post on why the leaders in power do nothing yesterday.

Telling people they have to give up cars and flying in planes has no future for a leader.
Two things have struck me as important in the background of this report.
One is that these climate scientists have announced that we have an existential crisis and humanity has to make radical changes immediately to have any chance of avoiding the worst. But they still insist on flying around the world to conferences. To me anyway, a leader/expert/elder should lead by example.
The second thing is to blame Trump for refusing to sign on to these International Climate Agreements. (Disclaimer: I am not a Trump supporter.) The Paris Accords etc. are meaningless and will do nothing to slow the race toward climate chaos. Agreeing to something that is meaningless has no meaning.
The only difference between Trump and any other World Leader is appearance. It seems that in today's world what is important is not what you do but what you say.
As I wrote as a comment in another blog yesterday. At least the name of the predicament is changing.
Global warming -> climate change -> climate chaos


What about the global dimming supplied by the burning of fossil fuel? The theory as presented by Guy McPherson: If we stop burning fossil fuel, the particulates that reflect sunlight provided by burning fossil fuel will quickly dissipate and that will cause an increase in earth's temperature.
What is the probability of NTHE?


What about the nuclear power plants around the world that will begin to melt down with the coming collapse of the industrial civilization and the capitalistic financial system.
What is the probability of NTHE?


I'm not at all sure that women are - in the mass - any wiser: all the wives and girlfriends I've had seemed to focus on one thing -being 'comfy'.

What is 'comfy'? Nice job, house, perfect temperature within the house,regular jet holidays, nice car, etc.

Just look at the crap they buy collectively, the fashion consumption.....

The desires of the mass of women to feel safe, comfy and prosperous are world-destroyers.

And they do compete: against other women, intensely.

Molly Radke

Thank you for your TYPICALLY wise remarks. I see no hope for significant economic/policy changes coming in time to avert the coming catastrophe. I have long argued that the capitalist "argument" that more growth is always possible is an absurdity. Infinite growth in a finite system is a LOGICAL IMPOSSIBILITY.

I like the remote possibility of Elizabeth Warren in 2020, but frankly, even tho I'm a woman, I see NO reason to hope that more women in power will bring any lasting solution to the woes that beset us. Women are hardly turning their backs on our compulsive consumer economy. Alas.

George Mobus


As I understand the physics, particulates from, for example, coal burning, actually absorb solar energy. White ash from volcanoes may reflect if suspended high enough in the atmosphere. But I think it is mostly speculation at this point. We don't have sensors out in space capable of detecting the effects.

As for Guy's general thesis I personally think the probability is low, but not zero. We need more observations re: the rate and amount of CH4 emissions to have a sense of run away warming.

@Roope Bill,

I posted this because the IPCC report is the first real kick in the pants regarding something I have been trying to get people to pay attention to for a long time.

Thanks for the link. Wait till we see social chaos!

@Bev, Cantab, and Molly R,

As I survey the group of women who are stepping up to run for political office I am seeing (I hope) qualities that are much less contentious and power-hungry than among most men (or Nancy Pelosi for that matter) that currently hold office in the Congress. It is clear that those men have made a royal mess of things and need to be booted. Whether women could do a better job (is there a gender difference that matters?) I don't know. What I do know is that they couldn't do any worse. Time will tell. Or maybe not since according the the IPCC report we really don't have a lot of time!


Fred Magyar

"Personally I would prefer to see a Social Democrat (maybe not Bernie per se) run. But at least we should try to find someone with those leanings in the Democratic party and I completely support that person being a woman (just not Hillary!) The rumors about Elizabeth Warren are interesting."

I think I might support Andrew Yang.

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