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December 11, 2007


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Hi George,

I've lately been busy reading everything on this site. I like your pieces about education a lot.

I'd like to get a grasp on Systems Science. Is there any book or a link you can recommend?

I know I should Google it and find out myself, but I'm so busy reading all those lengthy articles of yours! ;-)



George Mobus

Hi Neven.

One of the best writers on systems science is probably Fritjof Capra (most famously for "The Tao of Physics"). One of his latest books, that gives both the overview of systems science and how it informs a wide understanding of life, is "The Web of Life". I strongly recommend all of his books. I use several of them in my Global Honors classes and readings from others. Let me know if you take a look, and what you think. E-mail me at my About page contact info.



Thanks, George. I've hear Fritjof Capra's name many times, but I've never looked into it. Okay, off to Amazon now!

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