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January 14, 2008


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Also worth noting that wars have become extraordinarily more destructive since the coal and oil eras began.

I wonder if there is another aspect to this. Can we find a ray of hope in the roiling intellectual activity that's stimulated by increased literacy, communication, and better science? It is possible to find an intelligent and compassionate way to turn down the heat and discover a way to live well at a lower energy state?

[George responds: I think your last point is crucial. I do believe evolution includes the cultural/intellectual co-evolution that has produced our modern world with cleverness as a primary enabler (like a catalyst). In my prior posts regarding wisdom, it occurs to me that out of this turmoil that will result from powering down at the same time we are adapting to climate change, those wise enough to be able to use the knowledge gained by Homo sapiens will do well. They will survive and lead us to what I suspect will be a new species of humanity. I plan on posting on this topic in the not-too-distant future.]

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