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May 10, 2008


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Your Human 2.0 I like to call Homo Sapiens Erectus (i.e. hominid who walks his brains upright). Your fine blog being yet another convincing hint, he's here already! The problem of the late (post bronze age dumbification) Homo S Spaiens is not lack of capability but of will to loose the straightjacket of egomania. Main use of his brains is to avoid sapience, for he thinks it hurts.

Main problem with my theory is, a just mentally evolved hominid might any time fall back to the destructiveness of late Homo S Sapiens. But then, methinks, the centuries or millenia ahead during which Homo Sapiens Erectus will have to work hard to heal the Gaia system from the damage done by S Sapiens infection might strengthen the learned lesson hard enough, so a new Sumer, Roman Empire or GWB will have a difficult time to arise again.

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