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June 07, 2008


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larry shultz

great post. just like the people who deny the theory of evolution have come up with the intelligent design theory, so some one will deny thermodynamic theory and have a field day with it, abundance for all with a free supper and lunch electricity too cheap to meter...

Danny Bloom

As usual, a very good post, insightful and to the point.

Give what is going down, I mean given how the leaders of the world are clueless and unable to move on this, I am beginning to think more and more that we need to start pointing people to the fire exits and lifeboats, rather than continue criticizing Congress and the White House. You and i know we are in big trouble, and the Great Interruption is on our doorsteps now. Well, not this year, and maybe not even in our lifetimes, we'll get through this okay, until our end. But future generations are going to be in deep doo doo because those in power now refused to take action. So I do think we need to start thinking more and more about "where are the fire exits" and "where are the lifeboats" and let's point future generations in that direction, even now. This is going to take psychological transformation of the human species of enormous proportions. We're gonna fry in the far distant future. Population will be reduced to 200,000 souls. 10 billion will die in the great die-off. Maybe this is how Earth takes care of herself, and maybe some of our descendants of the DNA human order will survive.

But the handwriting is on the wall, quite plain to see, isn't it?

Then again, I might be delusional....

George Mobus


Delusional is when you see fairies.

Indeed things are going to have to change radically. I don't think the future of the world looks like the past only more so! I do think that your statement, "This is going to take psychological transformation of the human species of enormous proportions." is the operative one.

But how to get there with the least suffering is my concern. It seems to me a given that people today are unable to respond to the multiple interlinked global challenges in a way that could mitigate the problems and let people get on with their lives. It seems too late even if we did everything exactly right from this point on. And as the Senate actions show, that isn't likely.

People of some distant tomorrow might be better suited to make wiser choices that would prevent any future catastrophes of this magnitude. But who knows? That is the future and we have to get through the present.

My feeling is it has to do with asking the right questions about what is wrong and characterizing the "real" problem in order to find a "real" solution. As the questions are currently posed, and as the problems are currently characterized I think we will fail and the suffering will be massive. I hope to get out another posting soon to revisit the issue of what is the real problem and why what we think of today as the problems are only symptoms.



Luckily we got that world food crisis now. An obvious fire exit/lifeboat is food sovereingty, i.e. localized small scale individual sustainable agriCULTURE.

{Forget your SUV, you'll love the horse. Forget your job, gardening is work enough. If done right (sustainable, non-fossil) carbon sequestration comes in as a bonus.}

Problem is, we don't got enough land for all.

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