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August 31, 2008


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Wayne Hamilton

Great stuff! I would qualify this one though:
"We alone have developed a language and culture based social structure". I'm saying there's much we could learn from the science of wildlife behavior; though at a basic level to be sure.

Do you know of examples of tribal cultures (intra-cooperative) that have been federated successfully to be more inter-cooperative? That might be worth exploring.

On the other hand, maybe that's what we started with in our US constitutional form of government - only we neglected to keep it on track.

Larry Shultz

Hi George,
Wow, another stunning post. Great work. I like to think of competition vs co operation in the metaphore of a forest ecosystem. Different species of trees feed each other via the co operative mycorizial fungi yet they compete for sunlight. competition does not occur without much co operation. The a forest is in effect a symbiotic organism.

I think a good way to look at the declining math and science scores over the last generation is that there is decline in logical thinking. Math and science's most important function is getting humans away from the dangers of magical and faith based thinking.

There are 5 states where human evolution is even mentioned in the state standards for high school. The light of reason increases slowly, thus sapience is a tough but supremely worthy goal.

Sapience should on average increase with age. Yet brain functioning declines on average after about 65. Ceteris paribus, the best presidential and vice presidentail candidates should be about 60-70 years old.

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