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August 06, 2008


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Wayne Hamilton


Wayne Hamilton

In Sapient Governance II — Coordination Level, Part A
Logistical Coordination
Natural Coordination in Living Systems ...
The first figure 'caption' mentions "open arrows". I see only thin, curving arrows and thick straight arrows. I'll try enlarging the image and see if that resolves this issue.
Second, I recommend using figure numbers and actual captions to make internal referencing and comments easier.
Last point: The terseness coefficient and difficulty level of your writing is significantly higher than that of instructions on IRS forms. I would benefit from fuller discussion that uses examples I can understand.

George Mobus

Open arrows meant the points were open --->. The other arrows also curve but are thicker and have closed points (solid). The thin arrows represent information flow while the thicker ones represents the flow of stuff and energy.

There are captions under each figure (bold, but tiny print).

When the book comes out(!) I will follow more traditional practices with figure numbering, etc.

Well, all I can say about terseness is, well, that's just me! The blog format isn't the best for this kind of material. And I am trying to get thoughts down. As indicated above, I anticipate turning this material into a book form some day. Right now I'm just getting a mind dump out.

What would be helpful to me is if you have a particular point that is unclear, to provide a comment/question, as you did here. Or send me an e-mail. The comment section here is ideal for clarifications that might help other readers too.


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