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October 31, 2008


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Old Ari

"Begs the question", means avoids the question.


"begs the question" means that there is an obvious question. When the question is not answered, that's when it also means "avoids the obvious question".


I think that this is the first blog that I have ever seen that seriously addresses the question that I have been asking for some time, "Why is growth the only measure of good? If we could all just learn to be happier with less stuff, couldn't the economy contract and we'd all still be better off? Is the rate of economic growth even known to be correlated with average personal happiness--whatever that is.

George Mobus

There are probably a huge number of questions we should be asking about the conventional wisdom of growth and consumption as the basis for a healthy economy. My real question is about human nature and how we manage to forget lessons we have learned over and over again - like saving and not borrowing from the future. I don't think I've tried to avoid those questions, have I?


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