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October 20, 2008


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George I think this is a good idea.

Yes, it will get mangled by all those who adapt poorly.

I figure your about 2 decades ahead of the curve ;)

George Mobus


As I might have written in an earlier posting, I'm thinking about what to do when the dust settles!


Sukhbir  Dadwal

Thank you for the Money=Energy slides. Your explanation of the work-energy principle with respect to money has been very helpful in illustrating the problems we face. Any scientist will appreciate learning about the relationship between physics and economics.

I wish I had the energy to go to school for four more years and get a degree in Energy Systems!


I haven't been reading you long enough, here, so went to Google:
Homo eusapiens - first
Homo caladus - second

'to think about what could be'
Yes, I have come to name it - Room for Improvement.



Delete previous reply- wrong post.

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