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October 23, 2008


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Sudeep Bhaumick

you might find this blog interesting, its written by one of my professors from college days, he is not very internet savvy so am helping him out by posting them, not a lot written...

preferably, start from the start...

Sudeep Bhaumick

actually George i think people don't want to see the truth...

how hard is it to figure out that GDP don't make sense, all that one has to do is to look around. the world is more polluted, there is more unrest than ever, there are more people on earth facing more shortages than ever. a growing GDP has no meaning...

in India the government figures for Inflation have been falling for a couple of weeks now. so one friend of mine comes over and tells mi, look the inflation is reducing and the prices of oil are lower, things are getting better. i asked him if he could tell mi the price of one daily use item that had gone down and he did not have an answer.

a wise man once told mi... "you can wake up a person who is sleeping but you cannot wake up someone who is faking it."

keep up the good work though, am sure there are some out there who must be listening... also, i would like to thank you for sharing all these thoughts and for being an inspiration...

my new blog...

George Mobus

Thank you Sudeep. I will definitely take a look at TraditionalWisdom. We need to be reflecting on all sources of wisdom these days. Pity there are so few sources!

I read your last blog and see you are following the same trail. Keep up the good work.


Sukhbir  Dadwal

Another great post Dr Mobus. Thank you sharing your wisdom.

I have a question. Keeping in mind, I did read your posts regarding human nature and the hurdles we face.

But I find it hard to believe that with so much of our economy, well being and security riding on fossil fuels our government can be so arrogant as it has been in the past.

I moved to this country in 1994 and I have seen the evidence of peak oil and greenhouse gases growing. I have seen people (at least the young ones - in small numbers) working towards a cleaner world. It has been a growing trend since I've been here anyways.

If I were to guess, I would say this trend will grow and eventually.. hopefully, it will percolate into our government system.

There is even evidence of governments taking action (i.e. Kyoto Protocol) and I even see some sort of evidence in US politics (i.e. Pickens Plan or Obama's proposal towards energy independence). But perhaps I'm over optimistic.

So my question is, in your opinion, do you see at least the possibility of world governments working towards a world which is not so dependent on fossil fuels or will our lack of wisdom eventually lead our demise?

I think I know what you are gonna say, and I just want to let you know ahead of time: I hope you are wrong too! :)


I haven't been reading you long enough, here, so went to Google:
Homo eusapiens - first
Homo caladus - second

'to think about what could be'
Yes, I have come to name it - Room for Improvement.



we need to be more like canada. y'know, more intellectual. there should be high taxes imposed on big broadcasters like fox and nbc for their entertainment inclinations e.g. "american idol" and "project runway". heftier taxes should be imposed for okaying truly insipid programming such as "battle of the bods" .. these taxes should be earmarked to fund national projects -projects that miss the radar of fun-obssessed teens and their legal-but-immature adult brethren. y'know, the folks who watch "battle of the bods" and "mtv cribs"


look at what people spend money on - obama sneakers

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