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October 24, 2008


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Sukhbir Dadwal

Wow Dr. Mobus, this is an amazing plan and I sincerely hope Obama is wise enough to implement at least parts of it. Your plan is very exciting but I hope it is not too good to be true.

I almost wish I hadn't sent in my mail in ballot, I should of voted for you as a write in!

George Mobus


Don't be throwing your vote away!!!

To tell the truth, I sometimes wonder what real power the president has. As we have seen with the Bush administration the only time you get to do what you want is when you scare everyone after a real threat surfaces. Otherwise Bush's legacy is one of inaction and incompetence.

Even if Obama wants to do the right things, can he?

The problem is that the people are just not willing to listen to a message of sacrifice and contraction. They want their toys and guns and they want their big houses. All of which is contributing directly to global warming and energy depletion. It seems the only time you can mobilize the populace is when calamity strikes (Pearl Harbor, 9/11, etc.). Obama's job (assuming he is elected) won't be easy as it is; knowing what to do. It will be harder still figuring out how to do it.

The best outcome for this election is Obama as president, a 60-member democratic, filibuster-proof Senate, and a large majority of democrats in the House. With that, he might be able to make some progress. Let's hope he gets a chance.

Sukhbir Dadwal

I was just kidding about the write in comment.

However, you are absolutley right, even if Obama wanted, he cannot do the right things because the American people will not let him.

It's sad but the truth is the typical American probably just wants Obama to fix the credit problems so he/she can buy that SUV they always wanted. While only a handful are thinking about the long term consequences.


Our political machine does not solve problems. People with ideas like yours do.

George Mobus


But coming up with a solution isn't enough either. Implementation is the real problem, yes? The political machine holds the power for now. How to either turn the machine to implementation, or wait for the machine to self-destruct and be ready with an implementation; I wonder?



I think Obama is the closest thing we've had to a true systems thinker in the presidency in a long time, if not ever. And I suspect he is aware of many of the deeper problems you raise here. He is also aware of the limits of the current political system. I'm hopeful that he will do more than anyone else would have done in his position, but ultimately, if we want even deeper changes, it will be up to us to reform the political system on a level that makes it possible.

George Mobus

I hope you are right ST. I tend to see mixed signs. I'll agree he is the closest thing we've had to a systems thinker in a long time.

My sense on reforming the political system is that it will take a major breakdown in the current system (perhaps underway now) before the general public is ready to consider alternatives. Then the question will be will systems thinking come out on top?


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