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October 08, 2008


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Sukhbir Dadwal

Well said Dr Mobus. Just as Obama is inspiring in his rhetoric, your thoughts and ideas inspire me to think carefully and question the world in a logical fashion.

I do hope that Obama is elected and he truly does make is priority energy. Perhaps overtime our government and the general public will understand that we have been spoiled by the abundance of relatively cheap energy in the last century.


hi, this is a good blog, but your faith in obama is scary. why would you assume he has a secret plan to do exactly what you would do? that's worse than wishful thinking, it's delusion.

obama has been quite clear that he supports nuclear power (worst energy "source" ever), more coal plants (close second), and offshore drilling (awful).

that's the worst record possible in terms of energy.

he also favors expanding the war in Afghanistan, amongst other horrid policies.

his advisors are not intelligent, critical people like yourself.

they're mostly bankers of the sort that are responsible for the current financial debacle. in fact half of them used to work for Fannie Mae.

just some food for thought. hope should never depend on politicians, it flows from us, the people.

my blog is, thanks for reading!

students for a democratic society

George Mobus


Thank you for your comment but I would invite you to re-read the blog. I have no faith in Obama. I am surprised you derived that conclusion from my writing.

Indeed if you go back to some of my first blog entries you will see that I am, if anything, anti-faith as a way of knowing the world.


Thomas Johnson

I have been reading your blog for several months and it has provided significant insight as to why individuals whom I consider to be very intelligent in most respects appear totally incapable of understanding how civilization actually functions, the interaction between humans and the environment and where we are headed as a species. In short I have almost ceased telling people that they are as dumb as a box of rocks when they contend that we have a hundred years of oil left or that the earth can support a population of 20 billion humans because they see mostly unoccupied land when they take a cross country flight. I just tell them that they are entitled to their view and move on.

That being said I am supporting Obama based on my perception that he actually understands our current condition. The question is will he be willing initiate the actions necessary to mitigate the "Long Emergency" knowing that to do so will probably limit him to one term in office. I am more than willing to roll the dice with Obama given the alternative of more of the same McCain with the distinct possibility of a nightmare scenario should Palin assume the office.

George Mobus


I sincerely appreciate your kind words and am happy that something I've written helps.

I would say your summary of reasons to vote for Obama reflect my sentiments well.


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