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December 16, 2008


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Could you elaborate on "affect" in the diagram of sapience?

George Mobus


Affect is the general rubric for all emotions, feelings and moods as generated from the limbic areas of the brain. Damasio differentiates between these, each having different characteristics. These are actually names applied to our conscious awareness of affective responses, but their sources are in the limbic system. Here is a link to a Wikipedia article on Affect: . Hope that helps.


George Mobus

This comment received by e-mail

Enjoyed reading your incisive introduction George and will be a keen follower on the educational ride.

Two brief comments; Agree completely with your assessment of wisdom being a rare feature in even intelligent and creative people. I have been a member of a UK dedicated cyclists forum for over 5 years now and out of 3500 active members I have found only two other forrumers in the ‘politics and life section’ who display signs of sapience, with a clear vision of the world the way it actually is rather than how they would like it to be.

As you can imagine, as a statistical group keen cyclists tend to score well above average in intelligence and general awareness, yet even in this group sapience remains something like a 1:1000 ratio (even taking into account my observer bias)

The other comment concerns the correlation of age and development of sapience- I would like to learn more about this relationship.

I suspect that in our modern frantic society most people are so wrapped up in finding themselves, settling down, self-discovering the emptiness of egotism for the first 30 years of life that only with this base pyramid of life established can they develop wisdom aided by accumulated experiences…that is my personal experience ( I am in my mid forties now)




Are you familiar with author Ingo Swann ?

One of his books is The Wisdom Category. I haven't read this particular work of Ingo's but I have read much of his work.

Ingo is an out-of-the-box thinker, like yourself.


George Mobus

I haven't heard of Swann. I could not find a listing on Amazon of The Wisdom Category.

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