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January 21, 2009


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I sort of agree George....I have posted on here that I believe posterity will see Obama in the same light as Tony Blair- the great dashed hope but I cant help wanting to believe that somehow despite all the odds Obama can drag up the willpower and vision to stand up against the colossal globalised interests murdering this planet and impoverishing humanity. These hopes may reside in the realms of the but that irrepressible yearning for some glimmer of light at the bleak dark 21st century tunnel we have all been staring into for so long is hard to suppress. Compared to the( with due respect to US citizens) Knuckle dragging low brow self-serving neo-con shagwits ruining America and precipitating global collapse for the last 8 years Obama looks like a politician from another planet.
Even if our hopes are proved to be hopelessly naive I believe history will look at those hopes sympathetically- "who can blame them?"

Good luck to Obama and please George keep us informed of your 'advice teams' progress in the next few months.

George Mobus

Well said GaryA.

As for the advice team progress, I suspect it will be a while before we get any indications as to effectiveness. There are probably a hundred such teams now! I can easily imagine that Obama is flooded with advice!

I was hopeful for the New York Times list of suggestions having some cache, but haven't heard any word from that effort. I can easily imagine that the effort at the Independent is put into the 'if time allows, take a look' category.

Obama has surrounded himself with people who may or may not be amenable to ideas from the outside. For example, the new administration web site blog has no provisions for comments! Is that a blog?

But we soldier on with the conviction that a transcendent perspective might be of use. Stay tuned.




According to someone who knew the oath text, it was Roberts who goofed. Obama's hesitation allowed Roberts to correct himself.

FWIW, I don't have much hope just cause this fella is POTUS.


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