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February 12, 2009


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Larry Shultz

Lincoln was sworn in in 1861... your friend

George Mobus

Woops! Thanks Larry. 1861. Sure enough. Just turn the 9 upside down.

I will edit when I get the chance!

Wayne Hamilton

Hello All, after a long silence.
I'm pleased we're celebrating Darwin's birthday and not surprised only 34 percent of US responders like his take on things. I'm one of those who buys his theory.
In one area, though, I think the evolutionary gains Darwin implied are highly over-rated - namely in the area of intelligence.
To me, our predecessors on this North American continent got it right when they adopted as totems beings like crows, coyotes, bear, orcas, owls and the other 'inferior' life forms. They were here before us, and they're not messed up by acquisitive compulsions the way we are. These co-inhabitants have much to teach us about living lightly on the land.
I'd love to see some discussion on this because we might learn something.

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