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February 02, 2009


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Never come across Buckminsters concept of energy slaves-very interesting George. Your comments about the Entertainment of this culture are me the function seems primarily to keep the masses sated and subdued, the old bread and circuses acting as smoke and mirrors to deflect anything more than a superficial examination of their own circumstances and condition.
On a more cheery note I am heartened to see you are a fellow motorcyclist! I've Ridden a NTV honda (only 60mpg) to work every day for the last 8 years and before than an ancient Honda Benly (70mpg) for 12 years until it literally fell apart with rust.... Its been a cold winter in England this year, even more of a wake up prelude to the working day..two wheelers (I'm a keen cyclist too) are the thinking persons transport!

George Mobus


We've had an unusually cold winter here in the Pacific Northwest too. Two bouts of snow in December - very unusual. I don't generally ride the 11 miles on days when it falls below 2 degrees C. Too risky when the roads are wet for black ice. Otherwise I don't let other weather stop me. The motorcycle paid for itself late 2008. If petrol prices go above $3 US again I will be able to buy a back up. Of course is there are gas shortages it won't matter. Bicycle is the best bet for the future.


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