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March 25, 2009


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Scott Nesler

Socrates was forced to take hemlock while Robert Pirsig suffered a mental meltdown leading his society to induce electric shock treatment for this type of thinking. Be careful George ;)

On the subject of motorcycle maintenance, I get to ride my wifes Reflex on occasion.

What you describe is the heart of the liberal vs. conservative war. The conservative mindset fights to stay within the known and predicable, while the liberal explores the vast darkness of the unknown.

A liberal does not want to be constrained to existing process, while a conservative gets irritated by concepts outside of their domain.

You need to have a quick 'reflex' when opposing an opposite mindset.


I'm very glad to have been part of your experiment Dr Mobus. I have taken a few classes with you and I really enjoyed the gratification at the end of each quarter when I realized all the stuff that I accomplished all on my own.

Your courses forced me to learn the subject matter on my own and in turn I spent more time experimenting on my own and sharing ideas with other students, and less time memorizing boring facts.

I have to admit, your method seems odd in the beginning but as I got used to it, I enjoyed the freedom and the excitement of discovering ideas on my own more and more.

This method is great, but the student has to have interest in the subject matter, otherwise the motivation is not there. As you mentioned, your students were most likely motivated by the grade, but if the subject matter is interesting the learning never has to stop at the end of the quarter/semester.

Now that I'm about to graduate, looking back I can honestly say that I'm confident in my ability to acquire knowledge on my own without much instruction thanks to the courses I've taken with you.

Furthermore, I've been reading this blog for about a year now and I have acquired lots of great knowledge. :) Keep up the good work!

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