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March 04, 2009


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This is just another step on the road to extinction for the human species, who can't learn from their mistakes, have no clear direction or purpose and who have become a cancer (or at best a large tapeworm) on the planet.

beerzie boy

Sad to say, there is a growing market for Rush's brand of crypto-facism. This is a frightening trend, indeed.

George Mobus

My explanation for why this kind of phenomenon is even possible is captured in my work on sapience. The evidence is very strong that the average human simply has not enough sapient capacity to develop the kind of wisdom required to deal with a complex, global, and indeterminate world. Most people fall back on reliance on 'authority' (the sheeple effect). They abrogate power to those they perceive as authority and then need to believe they will be taken care of.

See my still developing series on Sapience (now a category in the upper left corner of the page). When I get to the evolutionary significance of sapience I will be addressing this 'shortcoming' of our species.



Tom: WORD!

Sukhbir Dadwal

The big problem I see in trying to spend stimulus or other funds towards renewable energy is politics.

If Obama's team suggests we should pump more into wind/solar etc.. there will be lots of push back in the congress.

It seems hopeless to me, we need more scientists in politics.

For example just today there are Republican politicians who are outraged at Obama's plan to tax Carbon Emissions.

This is just a very small step(a drop in a million gallon bucket!) towards a heather planet, however most politicians are worried about getting re-elected instead of the health of the planet.

It's very depressing to think about sometime, that the leaders or the most powerful nation in the world can be so ignorant.

George Mobus

But don't forget Sukhbir, we're all ignorant about something! Most of us don't even know what we don't know. That is our lot in life!

It is, however, unfortunate that our leaders are ignorant of the very things that will matter the most.

Humanity's saving grace is that we keep asking questions.

PS my next blog you might be able to relate to! Its about education and my maverick ideas -- the ones you've had to endure!!!

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