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March 18, 2009


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Larry Shultz

Great post George,
Could you explain how the maximum power theory (as in watersheds) applies to humans and ecosystems?
Larry Shultz

George Mobus


I will be delving into all of the areas covered in the above diagram in one way or another over the next several weeks/months. But to anticipate a bit, the maximum power principle (I assume we are on the same page with this terminology), sometimes called the fourth law of thermodynamics, is covered in emergence and evolution.

The central question of how can organized systems emerge from disorganized components, how selection drives systems toward maximum organization and minimum energy (where more work per unit time is accomplished by more efficient subsystems) is of great interest these days.

How will humans evolve to maximize organization, etc. under the constraints of reduced raw energy flow? That is a key question.


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