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May 03, 2009


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Your system science series are coming at a fair rate George-some of us have barely absorbed the last set!
One question; in your adaptive structures paragraph are you referring to Stuart Kaufmann's Autocatalytic sets formed from multiple autocatalytic loops and chains? I have read a little on the subject and find it intreging how it mimics real ecologucal networks and how it provides a partial solution to the numerous and irreducible problems of the simplistic selfish gene-by-random-mutation of neo-darwinism and points the way to order without design or crucial dependancy of the existance of a 'first replicator molecule'
Which in my opinion they will never find...

George Mobus

Hi Gary

Kaufmann's work is buried in my notes somewhere. My main reference is to some of Harold Morowitz's recent work on origin of life and early evolution of the Kreb cycle.

Sorry about the rate of posting SS series! I am trying to flesh out an outline for a text book I put together several years ago when I started thinking about an SS curriculum. I'm using the blog to think it out a bit.

Besides, I'm still waiting to see how Obama's recovery is going to turn out. So I don't want to write too much about it right now. What else should I write about???



It would be presumptuous of me to suggest another subject for your writings George-I'm sure you are a very busy man.
Were I not so cautious I might suggest the 'corrolation of the bible story of the Tower of Babel with the 20th century scientific- technical programme of complete knowledge and control'


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The vastness of the universe is astounding!

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