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June 01, 2009


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Sudeep Bhaumick

There never was much hope... just a fool's hope...
- Gandalf, Lord Of the Rings - Return Of The King

It has been a year approximately since I came to realize of our collective plight. I came across your blog and it is replete some really good ideas.

In the past one year I have personally experienced great pain upon absolute rejection trying to explain the situation to many people, trying to get some support from family, friends and others.

I have only been able to plant my rooftop with various vegetables and other plants and it is doing much better than my expectations.

Now I am just trying to do whatever I can personally. But hope we can nonetheless... however foolish it be...

Keep the words flowing... Thank you.

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Thanks for the new link! I had never seen this "first" post. I lovelovelove that you share your processes.

George Mobus

Thank you Sudeep, Air, and Generic.


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Our actions have set in motion slow but inexorable forces that will accelerate the degradation of the natural world as time goes on.


As things stand now, our existence, and the way we insist on living, has triggered the sixth great extinction event.

George Mobus


Peter Ward certainly agrees with you. Are you referring to his work?


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