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August 19, 2009


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Nice consise summary of how we got to where we are George.
One of the main problems is resistance to change when people have considerable financial and psychological investment in continuing the (globalised) status quo...which lets face it is 99% of us. My experience with interpersonal persuasion and things like internet forum discussions is that even very intelligent people are trapped in a self hyponosis conditioned loop they refuse to break out of even when presented with compelling evidence of their inadequate and formulaic thinking.

1. People would much rather argue than learn.
2. People would much rather believe than know.
3. No-one is completely free of ideological leanings
4. People invest considerable mental energy in defending a stance, even if that stance is demonstrably irrational

We all go down learning cul-de-sacs in our lives then re-learn and hopefully evolve our thinking, but so many folk reach a certain level and then become cerebrally fossilised...they cease questioning anything, never mind everything, and settle for pre-packaged opinions from the opinions-r-us supermarket shelf.
Years of interection has convinced me over the impossibility of changing opinions, never mind actions, in all but a miniscule percentage of the population.....
Thats not encouraging for any kind of 'hearts and minds' green radical movement(s).
Which begs the pessimistic question why bother?
Reaching for the beer bottle and temporarily forgetting about it has a certain appeal, I readily confess to succombing to now and again....!

George Mobus

On another thread, about cynicism, Scott N suggests that my "cynicism" is directed at the masses. Taking exception with the use of the word cynicism (vs. disappointment -- I'll expound when I answer Scott) I do think you have captured the human condition for the majority.

I think I will take your suggestion and reach for (yet another) bottle of beer!


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