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September 29, 2009


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Totally agree, however, I think the solution is also in the scale of things (check out my blog).

But for now here's a suggestion. Let’s get together delegations from Laos, Kenya, Mali, rural poor China, and send them to towns and cities around Europe, and America and Asia showing how these "developed" countries will live in the next 3-5 years. Everything from the one-steel-tool /able-bodied man (made of salvaged truck leaf springs), to homes made from earth, stone and 10 nearby trees.
Transportation is you walking alongside your donkey as it takes your hand-grown veg to market.
At market you will barter-trade for grain, salt or 'specialized-work' (like someone who can make a pump out of wood and beeswax).
"Sustainable growth" is having as many kids as you can supply food to feed.
"Sustainable development" is getting enough food surpluses together to throw a roof-raising party for a barn.
There is a future; it looks a lot like where society was before our population growth became logarithmic.


Overcoming perceived uselessness; that is very difficult. I find myself neither useless or useful. I am just doing what I do, unattached to outcomes, but knowing what is a good outcome. Aiming for that and not starting wars over it.

Realizing I do not know the end effect of any one of my action, I limit my actions.

Thanks for your writing.

George Mobus


Wouldn't we want to take delegations from developed worlds and show them how people live in 'scale' with their environments? But I get your point.

BTW: I've added your blog to my blogroll.


George Mobus


Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. I wish more readers would do so. I get a fair amount of feedback from private e-mails, but I would love to see more participation in these comments. Oh well. Thanks again.


Nick Outram

I have essentially given up trying to convince people my beliefs might become reality (e.g. Some form of major Supply induced Oil-Crunch in the first half of the next decade).
Instead -and within the confines of the system as it will remain- I intend to 'hedge' against my beliefs becoming a reality in such a way that if it does happen I will have sufficient (financial) resources that it will have far less impact on me. This is relatively easy to do as the majority of people do not believe and if they did the assets I am lining my portfolio with would already have the future (Belief=TRUE) price factored in...

...and if my beliefs turn out to be false then I will be enjoying life in "BAU Wonderland" with the rest of you.



As we approach the end of the first decade of the 21st century I'm finding it ever more difficult to see any chinks of light...anywhere. In a few months the 2009 edition of the WWF state of the planet report will be out and we can confidently predict where another year of procrasternation has taken us; deeper into eco and resource depletion.

I read somewhere that the amount of fossil fuel consumed by humanity in a single year took nature 450 years to deposit in prehistoric times..this simple fact reinforces Georges skepticism over green idealism. to how we cope with the crushing dispair of the ecos destrying in front of our eyes by sheeple led by planetmongering shagwits I have no definitive prescription...
Personal integrity keeps my destructive(we all do it) contribution to a minimium while mentally and physically preparing for the inevitable. Having said that I have the shrewd suspicion its going to be a long drawn out collapse like the fall of the Roman Empire. We all need to occasionally turn away and find that unspolit corner, sit and listen to nature ( nature whispers it never shouts) to recharge our batteries and remind ourselves this is still a astonishingly beautiful world...and therein lies the epic tragedy.
Always end on a upbeat note..negativity never inspired anyone!

George Mobus

Amen GaryA.

George Mobus


I tell those who ask my advice to put their money into farmland and hard assets, esp. tools for growing food and fixing things. I'd be curious as to what sort of assets you are talking about. If BAU does win out (highly unlikely) small farms can be a liability rather than an asset. Unless, of course, you can sell it to a developer!

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George Mobus


I have nightmares every night.


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