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October 10, 2009


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Man, I'm jealous! Have fun over there, George!


Really jealous does not do it justice, I’m on the edge of crazy! I mean really I would give up both my bicycles for a chance to meet the TOD crowd and hear both your and Charlie's cutting edge EROEI work. I’m stuck in DK, so I will be checking back for your posting up slides from your (and others if you can snake them) presentations. Agreed on all fronts; EROEI is critical; Trend of 10:1 is 'danger zone', 4:1 time to learn mule driving as a profession. Your posts don't run long enough. I say the scientific community call for energy labeling, like nutrition labels but in 'complete accounting'(TM) of energy networks, due yesterday! Personally I would like to take sabbatical at the SITropical Research station in panama better suntans and snorkeling than in NY.


Sounds great George! Its a fine counterbalance to the dispair we all feel-new discoveries & ideas clearing a path through our own cerebral jungle growth.....How many of us can recall our 'Eureka' moments?- when we have struggled with a nagging intuition then suddenly- bam! Its so obvious. My personal ones were Dunbars number, Ruddimans hypothesis and Brig Kylce's demolition of selfish gene neo-Darwinism...EROI and eusapience are in there too!

George Mobus


I am having fun, but it's really hard work (I'm generally here till 7 or 8 pm 6 days a week!)


Why didn't you mention the Panama thing before I did this? I love snorkeling in tropical waters.

OK, GaryA, you will have to give me some references. Or I guess I can go to Wikipedia. Just when I think I have a handle on things, somebody has to mention the fact that there is something I haven't heard of, and ...



Which one George? I dont think any of these theories impinge on your work too much they are personal interests of mine. I can give more detailed info via e-mail but you will have to allow me a few days to reply as I'm busy at (hawk,spit) work at the moment.

BTW I'm just beginning to realise the implications of this EROI methodology shift- it could (or could not) be the final nail in the 'green technology revolution' idea..(without reducing our lifestyle >10x)

George Mobus


It's just that whenever someone mentions someone or something that I haven't heard of I get curious! No need to respond any time soon. But if you want to explicate in an e-mail I think you know how to get in touch.



WRT Dunbar's number, google "monkeysphere" for a very funny explanation (first hit). :-B

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