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October 04, 2009


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Very interesting. Your boundary paragraphs aptly illustrate the caution required in subdividing a whole system. The history of thought is littered with the fallen scaffold built on shakey foundations. One example is the mind-matter problem in philosophy and many hundreds of years did academic philosophers agonise and produce mountains of turgid nonsense over this 'eternal problem'?! Artificially divide as single phenomona into two componants then agonise over their relationship, forgetting the original dualism.....
Of course mind goes with matter, mind is an emergent property and cannot be separated from matter except in the imagination.
Science as well as philosophy has its own dodgy of them is the assumption that matter is merely 'dead dough' which only acts when pushed around by laws wound up by God in a giant clockwork machine (old science)or randomly obeys eternal immutable laws which exist in a platonic relm (new science). The idea that material has a life and spirit of its own (pre civ animism)...that it can spontaneously create ITS OWN comprehension (which is what has actually happened in the last 13.7 billion years) is alien to the whole project of the domination of nature implicit in modern science.
I believe a renewed faith in the wisdom of nature- and our true selves is long overdue.
Sorry George I am rambling a bit...!

George Mobus

Not a bit of it GaryA. If anybody around here holds the high score for rambling, that would be me!

Besides, it helps to get these ideas out. Yes?

Thanks for your contributions. Keeps me thinking this is worthwhile.


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