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November 17, 2009


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I fear Obama is the US version of Tony Blair. Apologies Tony B.lair....All the progressive hope and spin were nothing but an electroral ploy and a continuation of the neoliberal policies of Thatcher. Not just a continuation an intensification, nu-labour under blair (and now Brown) have taken worship of marketology and elites to heights even maggie would have hesisted to impliment.
I actually met Blair before he became PM in '93 presenting medals at the Ferryhill wild boar x-country run. I reluctantly shook his hand while thinking what a phoney charachter he was- my instincts were spot on.
Who knows if obama can emiulate Blairs level of betrayal and abject surrender to corporate interests- he is heading on that road.
Somewhere along the line politicians forgot they are there to serve not 'govern' Its that ideology of control and domination( measuring, targeting blame culture) over areas where politics does not belong -education & health for a start-which contributes to the crumbling tower of civilisation before us.
Actually Gordon Brown recently had the only decent idea of his life-unlike Blair who never had one- and that was the necessity for a global Tobin tax on all financial transactions to plough back some of the stolen monies from the banks and speculators. Needless to say half the worlds governments Including the US rejected it outright...vested interests rule ok.
Any objective observer of todays insane world would be flabberghasted- after the greatest financial crash in history they cant even manage to impose a 0.05% tax on the planetmongering shagwits responsible for it!..
It is beyond any kind of rational comment and the eventual siesmic crash of this civilisation is one of the most certain facts of the 21st century.


Methinks Obama is quite a change. Perhaps I'm too young (and a German anyway), only being aware of U.S. presidents since Reagan. The change, it looks too me, is that you got a serious and intelligent president, all of a sudden. He's so ummm unamerican (with most U.S. congressional faces I immediately associate either plastic or alzheimer - not with Obama).

And remember, he's no scientist. Our chancellor Merkel got a PhD in physics - still I feel Obama got no less grasp of physical reality than Mrs Merkel.

There is of course the problem of political reality. How to get rid of folks like Geithner and Summers? I fear the only way is to let them hit the wall, like Greenspan (poor ol' man). How else to make obvious there's a wall ahead? Nobody wants to see it - so they need to hit it. Hominids...

Yeah, it's more a hope of mine that Obama is thinking thus. More plausibly he employed these guys because he had no alternative. Politics...

George Mobus


Hope springs eternal. Until you amass sufficient evidence that it is unwarranted.

Obama has played his knowledge cards and we see now his hand is not a winner. Either he really doesn't understand the dangers of a consumer-based economy with growth as the modus operandi, or he is in the pay of those who profit. Either way we are screwed.



I'm rather surprised at your optimism. No big change could have delivered in any case as all the pieces were already committed in the game -- the only possible good thing Obama could have done was to become the most hated man in America and guarantee himself a single term _at most_, by ruining all the vested interests and bailing out the people instead of the banks, then preparing the economy for a downturn rather than than an upswing, being prudent, etc.

It wasn't impossible I suppose. You're correct that governing and garnering votes require two different skillsets, but there's no reason why a single person shouldn't possess both. The point is that Obama does not.

As far as explanations go, simple deludedness (=asapience) will do fine as it always has with human beings. People are unable to imagine an economy in which growth doesn't happen, mostly through having hypnotized themselves repeatedly into believing it impossible. If, via deflation, the absolute elite manage to hold onto their wealth at the expense of the middle class, that is when you can up the probability of dictatorship.

When you say this:

"The financial system is ultimately based on the real asset economy even if it has become over abstracted from its basis."

... it made me wonder again whether you have followed the work of John Michael Greer over at -- he's arguing this week for a set of financial indicators that could actually demonstrate this state of affairs to anyone able to read a graph.

Meanwhile, I wondered if you had seen this:

... Tim Garrett at the University of Utah just showed that wealth production is linked to energy at a constant rate throughout world history, kind of interesting.

Sorry to ramble!

George Mobus


What optimism???

As to possession of skill sets. I still think that being a vote-getter in the climate of politics in the US and being a leader in the face of insurmountable odds really are mutually exclusive. Once, long ago, an Abe Lincoln could do the job. But he didn't have big corporations and K-street to deal with. To get votes today for almost any national office, you have to sell your soul. I can't help but feel that the old saying 'fools rush in where wise men fear to tread' applies.

Asapience! I like it.

I have read some of Greer's work when it shows up on The Energy Bulletin. I just don't have time to scan the horizon the way I wish I could. Greer did recommend one of my posts not to long ago. My blog hit count soared that day!

And that Utah news was great. I e-mailed Charlie Hall as soon as I scanned it. Here is a kindred spirit so thank you so much for posting the link.

Ramble on! You've hit some jewels!



Uh-oh you've encouraged me now. :)

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