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November 26, 2009


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We dont celebrate thanksgiving in the uk George (I'm not even sure what exactly it is- something to do with eating turkeys?!)but we share your sentiments. Deep gratitude to a given life is a rare thing these days. Which brings me the question why do 'we' care? The 'we' being a daring inclusion....why do we care about humanity and nature so much? Theres not much personal darwinian advantage, given most of us will be dead when TSHTF. Its not for ego or fame or status, not to show how virtueous (ha!)or clever or enlightened self-interest, deep down its something spiritual, something irrational; love for something sacred, love for something beyond ourselves and our selfish interests. Words such as Love and sacred are often consigned to the religious domain but actually its the love and awe, the mystery of nature, which motivates authentic inquiry and display, as much for artists as scientists.
Charles Eisenstein (my favourite writer) says it perfectly;

'When nothing is sacred we wreck with impunity'

For myself I find the older I get, the more enraptured, hypnotised, bewitched, enchanted and in love with the spectacle of nature, the outdoors, its complexity and a lovesick teenager all over again, but with life itself as a lover.

Travis Robertson

Thanks George, I believe it is time to give back. I really appreciate your words and encouraging others to ask the hard questions.


I loved your review of William Catton's new book. Agree with you completely and am happy to read someone who has explored and come to the same conclusions I have. Even though the end of our story will probably not be pretty, I appreciate everything I was able to see and learn up to now.

George Mobus


Hold on to that feeling.


Thanks for the note. And feel free to post questions in the comments!


My sentiments too. Thanks.


Kevin Bressette

It looks like you picked up some readership from the TOD post.

I am sending your site link to some people I know that both can and will appreciate your work and insights.
I personally have you bookmarked and that is a exclusive list indeed!!


George Mobus

Thanks Kevin. Yeah, things have gotten hectic ever since the TOD posting.

See you there or here.


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