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January 27, 2010


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Robin Datta

the power to go to engage in preemptive war in Iraq, I'm asking you, this evening, to give me the economic adjustment equivalent of that power.

Echoes of Carter

Robin Datta

The B-52 did not fly until 1952 - well after the Serond World War:

Lanec versions carried quite sophisticated (for the time) electronics.

Even the "Enola Gay" (which dropped the "Little Bay" on Hiroshima) was a B-29 Superfortress - a prop job. its successor, the B-47 Stratojet served the United States Air Force from 1951 through 1969

Robin Datta

The more one stirs a bucket of - shall we say - humanure, the more it stinks. Maybe in his wisdom the POTUS has decided to let it compost. Let's hope it does not hit the fan!


If Obama gave your speech, my guess is it would be his death warrant.

George Mobus

Hi rainman.

I suspect you are right. I am forever wishing we lived in a world where the public and the leaders were sapient individuals!


George Mobus


Thanks for the correction. Whoops! I had taken a tour of a WWII bomber (used in the raids over Germany) in a flight museum south of Portland Or. It was really primitive and small. The tail gunner's seat was not the kind of thing an ordinary human being would want to take! Not being a plane aficionado I mixed up my designations. Figures.

RE: the wisdom of the POTUS; I really think a wise man would not have even sought the job in the first place.


Joe McCarthy

You may have already read (and even blogged about) this, but in reading your hypothetical state of the union speech, I was reminded of David Korten's idealized inaugural speech, "The Speech President Obama Should Deliver… But Won't":

While energy is not his primary focus, he does include it among his agenda items, although he proposes a localization vs. nationalization policy:

"We will strive for energy independence by supporting local entrepreneurs who are creating local businesses to retrofit our buildings and develop and apply renewable-energy technologies."

Despite some differences in prescriptions, I think there are several intersections in your respective descriptions of the core challenges facing us today (and how and why they have arisen).

George Mobus


I hadn't seen this piece but will take a look.

There are actually several other writers who have wanted to put words in the President's mouth and many have very similar desires.

I think the reason there is some overlap in many of our desires is that we are on the ground where ground truth can be seen up close and personal. The folks in Washington exist in their own abstract world. That is my take on it anyway!


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