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March 18, 2010


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Robin Datta

Please go through the information at The Fully Informed Juror Association:

Know that you have the power of jury nullification, and make sure that the bench is aware of your knowledge.


It is high time the third spaceship was repacked with ancestrally recurring Telephone Sanitisers, Management Consultants, Marketing executives, university administrators, AGW deniers, newscasters, vice chancellors, journalists, economists, celebrities, and blasted them back off to Golgafrinchan where they came from.

George Mobus


Thanks for the link. I ended up not being selected last week. We'll see what happens this week. They are pretty good about not making people miss work if their worries about it will be distracting to them.


Didn't the Brits do that with convicts in Australia? The whole group you mention are possible candidates for conviction. No?


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