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April 23, 2010


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I've been studying why everyone builds "ivory towers" with "academic walls" separating their little huddled clusters of ambitious people, separating them from everyone else... I think it's a natural pot hole in the fields of brain work, a work hazard handicapping nearly everyone .

We seem to arrange knowledge in a cellular fashion, and mistake it for reality! We can only see our own points of view, and then huddle together with others that give us a feeling of affirmation. It's locally quite productive but globally quite destructive. That’s particularly the case in an increasingly complex world with ever multiplying perspectives.

That's where the external reality seems to stick it's drippy nose under the tent flaps, to sneeze all over us, letting us know our little convenient clusters of self-agreement have gotten too disconnected from each other. We just completely lose track of the common external reality we are immersed in. Today we're immersed in a common external reality of ever exploding physical complexity, for example. That’s a remarkably simple and observable fact, but an external reality *in-between* our subjects, and I've yet to find a single ivory tower with gate keepers allowing the range of intriguing questions it raises in the door.

I have a short series of even shorter essays on how we make and are misled by packaging our ideas of reality in bubbles of self-agreement, cellular design with dangerous consequences, What wandering minds need to know" fyi.


to (perceptually) summarize: the continued narrowing of expert status within established and influential communities (of thought/action) as well as the branching into new fields with few available capable of filling new 'expert' roles creates a sea of infighting regarding value perceived at all levels to enhance one's credibility and influence within meta-issues such as general finance (almost read as: lifestyle financing, rather than academic) of all the activities perceived to be under one's influence as a 'leader'...

somewhere along the way our vocabulary and reality divorced from each other and became highly distanced, without the alimony.

George Mobus

Shouldaknown (Phil),

Thanks for the notification. I've added your blog site to the blog roll on the left. Folks interested in these ideas should visit Synapse9 - Called Explorations..


Perhaps we passed some threshold of complexity that then exceeds our mental capacities to integrate.


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