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May 19, 2011


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George Mobus


Thanks for the comment. Changing survival strategy is precisely the point of evolving greater sapience. The question is will it happen on its own, or do we need to intercede. Of course other questions arise, like should we intercede even if we could?

My immediate concern is can we do anything to ease the effects of our own version of the comet? I completely support the work you've been doing to raise consciousness. That is the first step in getting more people to realize it is time to change.


That is the basic conundrum. Traditions that place more value on elders and their wisdom might stand a better chance. But keep up the efforts.


I agree with the potential leverage we might get from a better understanding of the relation between what we call money and energy. I have written extensively about this (my first paper at the first Biophysical Econ meeting was on this subject).

My concern is that those who should listen and understand, because they might be the only ones who could actually do anything won't.


Thanks for the comment.


Would appreciate some references.


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