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September 18, 2011


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"The New Dawn of Man in Terra Nova".

Mass-media recognition of overshoot is now diffusing via "entertainment".

Of course, we will keep our high-entropy preferences and technology so we can compete in the New New World with dinosaurs.


Note: A duplicate post from part II. My apologies for the overkill. Thanks.

George, perhaps a better analogy than a lifeboat is "Spaceship Earth", implying a finite space within which to attempt to adapt and survive, rather than a large ship on an open body of water from which we must try to escape to somewhere more hospitable, or so we hope.

If we are on an overcrowded spaceship with limited food, water, energy, and waste disposal capacity only sufficient for a small fraction of us and our fellow passengers in the months and years hence, the situation is perhaps more acute and the implications rather more grim than we would like to admit.

If so, is it not more likely that those who would ally together to survive would perceive the urgency and that a large majority of the spaceship's passengers must be eliminated in whichever way is most resource efficient in terms of the remaining provisions of the spaceship?

Would not such a situation encourage the more "sociopathic" or "anti-social" passengers to act preemptively at some point to secure the remaining resources for themselves, and thus act aggressively to prevent others from getting a share sufficient to sustain them?

In the context of the imperative to survive, would not one fully expect this behavior to select?

Would this behavior be considered sapient under the circumstances?

Are we not seeing this behavior manifest among corporate, financial markets, and political leaders?

Are the top 0.1-1% of US, British, Canadian, Aussie, Russian, and Chinese households not positioning to compete to grab virtually all of the remaining wealth?

If sapience when faced with mass-population die-off is sociopathy, then this is what we would expect to select for survival as we enter the bottleneck and the effects of population/ecological overshoot increasingly bear down on us.

If so, I see few desirable prospects for the rest of us on Spaceship Earth?

And might not this response be what evolution would select for the overwhelming majority of us human apes who will not survive the bottleneck?

Might it not be an indication of sapience not to want to face the human culling of the bottleneck?


On sociopaths:

It seems much of today's sociopathy is a fruit of civilization. Out in the wild it's diffiult to play sociopath - you might end up alone facing the wolves, starvation. the cold of winter, etc.

Sapience is to know whom not to support. Just stay dirt poor (and cultivate no-cost life and survival skills). Wait until they realize they can't eat money.

George Mobus


Well put.


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