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February 25, 2012


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garage equipment

Making outside connections also means leaving the office and picking up the phone more often than you did in your corporate job.
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Aboc Zed


I am very happy that you are getting an opportunity to do things you always wanted to do as part of your "making a living".


Do share your ideas for the curiculum here or point us where you would do it.

I would be very interested to see what material you choose and how you combine it into a course teaching systems science.

Thanks for sharing your views on the subject of "life as chaotic system" and the suggestion to write the book on sapience.

Given your focus is shifting towards working more on defining systems science and promoting it into the world of academia I will not continue the conversation there.

I like when yours is the last comment on the thread - it gives the topic a frame; makes it complete, in a way;

Congratulatins one more time and do share your progress with us!

Anywhere But Here Is Better

Very interesting developments George - all power to your elbow(s).

Thanks for the enlightenment you have shared so far and I'm looking forward to reading your progress reports, as and when you have time.

I must also say thanks for giving me something positive to think about for the future, as opposed to the usual doomsday accounts that leave us with no hope of a reasonable post-capitalist-industrial-military existence.

All the best, Oliver

Martin Florifulgurator Gisser

The book! How is it progressing? Looking forward to it for quite some time now :-)

Mike Delfino

Agreed! The development is pretty interesting. Thanks for letting me know about your work! I hope to read more prolofic reports soon.
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Aboc Zed


i continue to read your commentary elsewhere with references to here

good writing as usual

and i keep feeling that you are going in circles

and i myself must be going in circles with this :)

oh well :)

good to see you alive and kicking

and good pointing to george's reviews - that audience needs a bit more of systematic view - my opinion of course - may not be entirely correct


George Mobus

Thanks for comments all.

Martin, the book is coming along but is a massive project so is not going to see print for a while yet.


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