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August 15, 2012


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Matt Holbert


Ayn Rand was is often seen as the most strident of the Modernists. But most developmental research indicates that we can develop beyond this stage -- to a more communal stage. However, it is important not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Modernists had good qualities as well as bad qualities -- just like every stage of development. "Spiral Dynamics" (google it) has helped me understand these stages.

On a related note... I am reading Karl Jasper's "The Idea of the University" and just a moment ago came across this passage: "The university, in turn, achieves self-knowledge only as it achieves objectivity." I would submit that all universities could use a little bit of Ayn Rand's philosophy. *As an institution*, they have failed miserably in dealing with the problem of not understanding the limits to growth and its consequences. It should have been their primary mission for at least the last 40 years.


The real fun ride will ensue in September (& from then on).

Enjoy your time. i'm going to try to make it to a N.J. beach and personally apologize to the Atlantic Ocean and offer myself up in sacrifice.


Why do you think it is absurd?
It is definitely theater but it is all by design to get Obama re-elected.
Obama is the perfect front man for the Oligarchy. He is slicker than Clinton and best of all a Democrat(even if in name only).
Don't even bother getting upset with the "political system" it is completely rigged and each actor in the show is pre-vetted by the real rulers to ensure that no matter what happens they will always have a tool in front of the public.
The USA hasn't been a democracy for a very long time...........


Check out these titles:

Manufacturing Consent...Chomsky an oldy but goody about the media as the ultimate propaganda tool.

Democracy Inc....Sheldon Wolin

He coined the term "inverted totalitarianism"

Everything that is in the corporate media is dis-imformation designed to create a culture of dependent, fearful and ignorant followers.......and it has worked marvolously for the handfull of true rulers.

Let me ask you a question...
Why does a Nation have to borrow it's own currency from a private entity.

I will give you a hint to the answer........IT DOESN'T!!!!

Colonial Script
Continental Currency
Green Back Dollars

Even 1930s Germany issued their own government printed non debt based fiat based on labor not gold or any other privately owned commodity that represented the peoples efforts.

The whole mess of inequality starts with the control of the currency.



Aboc Zed

here is an article on global 1% - the industries they are coming from, the organizations they spearhead and some specific names

of course specific individuals do not matter but the institutions and structures do

back to bruce's postings:

only the beliefs and actions of those individuals that represent 0.0001% of population _matter_; the rest of us are simply "acted upon" (in the words of RIP Stephen Covey) even if we prefer to think that we "act"

an in so much as those individuals are unlikely to be higher-sapient human condition and the planet will continue on the evolutionary trajectory discussed by george and others here, in this corner of the blogosphere

as a species we are incredibly primitive and have a lot to learn

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Take a vacation. All of these issues will still be here when you get back. Enjoy your sight seeing!
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Salient Green

When I first glimpsed the headline it read, to me, "After the Ryan pick - I need a vaccination!"

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