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October 29, 2012


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A dress rehearsal for the Main Event...?

Stay safe professor! We need your words of wisdom.


Good point Oliver. Maybe a critical mass of people will wake up to what's going on and decide we must change our ways.

Nah. Never happen.


Tom - Yep.

From NY Times: Global warming: “Anyone who thinks that there is not a dramatic change in weather patterns is denying reality,” Mr [NY Governor] Cuomo said. “We have a new reality, and old infrastructures and old systems.”

hmmm... methinks the horse bolted many years ago.

George Mobus


Home at last! Now to clear up all the mess that accumulated while I was gone.


Glad you're safely home! Reckon your trip turned into more of an adventure than you bargained for.

step back

A couple of years back we had a 1 week power outage in my neck of the woods.

Cursed about getting caught unprepared all week long.

Then the minute the power came back on, forgot the whole thing.

Funny how the human mind operates.

Little hope for being ready for the permanent blackout when it finally comes.

George Mobus


But the conference was well worth it!


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