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April 01, 2013


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Aboc Zed

too bad some of the people reading the above will think it is real news

i wonder how many media outlets will pick up the story


Robin Datta

Couple of other salutary effects: when the carbon dioxide combines with water to create hydrocarbons, it releases oxygen to replenish the atmosphere; also being an endothermic reaction, it absorbs heat to cool the planet. Time's arrow points the way it does due to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, but as everyone knows, there is no reason that time cannot flow backward: a positron can be considered as the anti-matter equivalent of an electron going in the same direction in time as the rest of us, or an electron going backward in time.


My congratulations Professor. You have busted a long-standing prejudice amongst Little Englanders that the Yanks don't get irony. :-)

George Mobus

Just received an e-mail from James Inhofe, senator from Oklahoma, chair of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, and major naysayer of global warming:

Nah nah nah nah nah!
step back


By pure coincidence,
a great green meteorite landed in my backyard on April 1st.

I ran out to investigate.

Although still hot and smoldering, a cool button labeled "Easy" rose up from the alien rock.

I pressed it.

A small hatch opened.
A tiny robotic arm holding a Post-It note emerged.

I took the note
... and signaled Thank You to the delivery Hand.

The note said ...

You are exceptional.
You will be saved.
Worry no more.
"They" have figured it all out and will provide for all your needs and desires. Just go to your local Big Box store and buy whatever "They" tell you to buy. Doubt no more oh ye of little faith.

--Signed, He Who Lives Up There


Acaustica :)

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