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September 08, 2013


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Reverse Engineer

So can I get a Signed Copy to Review on the Diner? :)

Don't miss the latest 10 Billion Year Scenario debate!



Great job, George! It looks to be a fascinating study, comprehensive, and with the author right here to answer any questions!

Summary of Modeling looks intriguing, but so does all of chapter 6. Oh man, this will be like a year long read for me.

Best of luck - hope it becomes a standard text from high school through college!



Good job with getting the draft. Hopefully when more progress is made and the publication date comes near please send us a link so we can order an early copy!


Good work, Prof! Between now and publication date, I shall strive to empty my mind of all the flotsam and jetsam of pointless minutiae - so that I have a chance of grasping the contents of your opus magnificum. Looking forward...

George Mobus


Thanks. I will keep you updated.


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