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December 21, 2013


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I remember, as a relatively young person, saying to my father, "If we just keep growing the economy and the number of people, won't we just run out of stuff someday?" And he said, "Oh don't worry - the planet is a pretty big place…" Hmmmmm…. I've NEVER lost that sense that you just CANNOT have infinite growth in a finite system…..

Reverse Engineer

" The camera (at least in my hands) can't really capture the glory of it. And a still shot would never evoke the magic of the dynamics. For my part I have the motion picture in my head. "

That is why digicams do video and you add it to You Tube and embed it on your blog George. Evolution of the Internet! Get out of the Dark Ages before they come back!


Paul Chefurka

"Once I grasped how human civilizations were systems and that true intelligence and wisdom had absolutely nothing to do with anything, I realized that the system was destined to failure. A quick study of prior more localized civilizations and their collapses sealed my conviction on this. Our modern global civilization would follow suit only this time there would be nowhere for anyone to escape to."

You nailed it! Thermodynamics, evolutionary biology, evolutionary psychology, and systems science all point to the same ineluctable conclusion. 90% or more of all human behavior is driven by these impersonal, unconscious forces - and we are largely blind to that that fact. Those few who do see it simply realize that human volition is mostly a comforting illusion that is powerless against the dissipative, self-organizing forces of nature. As a result, the human race is pretty well run.

Merry Christmas, all!

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