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January 27, 2014


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Robin Luethe

I wish I could say you are too cynical. I quit watching inaugural and SOTU speeches in the early 80s. About five years after I quit watching TV news. I don't think I have missed much. My own suspicion is that things start getting critical in less than 10 years.

Ken Barrows

Give that speech Tuesday night; be impeached on Wednesday morning!


Yes. Alas.


The story is that some people will be able to do the "Noah" thing, while a few of us, those that understand but are unable to do anything will play the role of "Moses" ie have an understanding of what will happen but not get to go to the promised land.

Dave Pollard

Thanks -- this is brilliant. I wish there were more of us saying all this, and I suspect it won't be long before I get my wish. My only quibble is that you suggest the populace is stupid and lazy. You may be right, but my sense is that we're all caught up in intertwined complex systems that no one controls, and we're really doing the best we can. Not that that will change the endgame.

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