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April 01, 2014


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Reverse Engineer

Has anyone done a measure of the Hole Size in Politicians? Banksters? Economists?

Don't miss my latest rant GOLD BITCHEZ! on Diner Soundcloud George.

Warning: Gold Bugs will not like this rant.


Robin Datta

Robin Datta

Actually there is a large cavity in the human brain with inter-communicating sections. They are the two lateral ventricles, and the midline third ventricle and fourth ventricle.

Robin Datta

Quite importantly, brain size has shrunk with domestication in animals - including human animals. Over the past 20,000 years the human animal has lost a volume of brain equivalent to a tennis ball in the average adult male.

G. Sherk

A suggestion-update your blogroll. Casandra's Legacy is now called Extracted and the Oil Drum no longer publishes.

Ken Barrows

April Fool!


I don't have the hole! I KNOW I don't have the hole! NO hole here. NO hole here! Oh happy day! NO hole here. Nope!


An awfuly big hole in most politicians: perfect for the generation of policy ideas inspired by bribes.....

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