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August 14, 2014


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congrats, did you go with their open-access plan?

George Mobus


Sadly the book has a price! There is an e-version available (soon). But the hardcover will be $76 I think, which is quite reasonable for a textbook.

My thought was that the book should come out as a textbook in hopes that schools would start up systems courses. Not having a textbook of this kind seems to have been a disincentive to do so. I hope to be writing more 'popular', lay-person oriented works in the near future.



leaving student debt issues aside looking forward to a more affordable version, thanks

George Mobus

I hear you. The e-version should be considerably less. And then, also, there is this blog!


Reverse Engineer

If I get a complimentary copy, I'll review it on the Diner. ;)



Congrats on getting the book completed!

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