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December 21, 2014


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THANK YOU for your typically rational analysis of these STRANGE times. I needed this! While I could not have written nearly as clearly as you have, so much of what you've written mirrors my thinking about what's going on about us - especially the oil pricing. I'm thinking one of the main effects of this will be an increase in the sales of SUV's!. Alas, but calm reason does not have a very long life in this culture. Please continue to write now and then for "the rest of us" who lack the analytical skills to follow your more sophisticated, complex posts. Best wishes for a fine holiday season and a good new year.

Reverse Engineer

Nice 2 C a Blog from you George!

I'll cross post it on the Diner this week.

2015 looks set to be a watershed year on the Evolutionary Pathway. :)


Night Rider

You are overly pessimistic.

The economic crises is still very much afoot? Really?

Since 2009 we have been told that the crash is near and will come FOR SURE, but nothing has happened.

The DOW is higher, employment is higher, we have more and cheaper oil, and so on.

All those shills that told us about a crash of stocks are laughing at us: They earn while we refrain from investing in stocks.

Don't be pessimistic!

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