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March 20, 2015


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Philip Bogdonoff

Hi George,

I check in to your blog every once in a while and find I am generally in agreement with your perspective, and that you have articulated thoughts that have been bouncing around in my brain. Thanks.

-- Philip / Washington, DC

P.S. Mr. James Mountain's last name is spelled Inhofe.

Reverse Engineer

Nice to see a new post from you GM! Mostly I agree, except for this point:

"But here is the thing. We the people put these fools where they are. We voted them into office. We are responsible for what they are doing."-GM

The "voters" have no say in the matter, you are always given a choice of 2 equally captured Politicians. Representative Democracy is a sham, money buys the candidates and they are beholden to the folks that pay their bills. They have to vote as they are told, regardless of what their constituency wants.

Far as the typical J6P Voter is concerned, he is constantly bombarded by Propaganda paid for by the same people who buy the Politicians. Very few people have the time or are "sapient" enough to research all these issues and understand what is truly going on. To hold the population at large as "responsible" because they "voted" for these clowns is blaming the Victim for the Crime.

The folks to blame are not the voters. The folks to blame are the folks who buy and pay for the Politicians to run a political agenda which suits their interest.


H Luce

The Millennials, along with the Baby Boomers, got screwed by the relatively small percent - or fraction of a percent - of the population that holds real political power in this country. An unelected aristocracy has ruled the US since the ratification of the Constitution - that's exactly what that document was designed to do, and the people who drafted that made it explicit. Here's some history people ought to become familiar with: It's a very short synopsis of what I've read over the past 30 years or so, and I've acquired a pretty good library over that time in so doing.
No one in the working or middle classes - or the rapidly increasing part of the population that could be called the "Newly Poor" (characterized by debt loads from educational and medical expenses that could not possibly be repaid over the course of a lifetime), whether Baby Boomers or Millennials, deserves retribution or blame. The current system of governance deserves rebellion, instead. The problem has always, falsely, been characterized by generations of people, when only a small percentage of each generation held the power to change things. If fault is to be found, it lies in the fact that there has been no Second American revolution to overcome the counter-revolutionary effect of the Constitution, even though an attempt was made to do so at the time of enactment by the largely Anti-Federalist Bill of Rights.

Also, there's the problem of the widespread and pervasive use of propaganda and perception control techniques, instilled from early childhood in schooling, and constantly reinforced by media, faith community, and community norms and laws. It's not that the very great majority of people willfully refuse to think, it's that when asked to do so, they hit a blank wall, rather like trying to teach calculus to someone who knows only how to add and multiply. Schools teach obedience to authority, not critical thinking skills which might be used against authority, and they punish people who think critically. It's just the way the system is set up - and the only thing to do is to get away from it, and few people actually do this.

George Mobus

@Philip B.,

thanks for the edit spot. I've made that mistake before for some reason. Don't know why.


I hold us all responsible, citizens, politicians, business leaders, educators, everyone. We are all part of a dysfunctional system. The citizens are not helpless. They are simply lazy and, I hate to say it, stupid. The politicians and political string pullers are just doing whatever they can to advantage themselves.

No one gets a pass in my book!

@H Luce,

As I responded to RE above, we are not in a situation where you can point a finger of blame to a single source and claim it is all their fault. What we witness is just the most clever (and selfish) people taking advantage of the opportunities afforded them by the lazy and uneducated. Neither they or the masses they take advantage of are doing the right thing if what you want is real egalitarian society.

The bottom line is that we humans simply lack the kind of global systemic vision and strategic thinking, as well as the moral sentiments, needed to be fully sapient. If we were sapient (sufficiently) neither the tredders nor the trodden on would exist. And you, RE, and me would not be railing against the 1%!


Reverse Engineer

"I hold us all responsible, citizens, politicians, business leaders, educators, everyone. We are all part of a dysfunctional system. The citizens are not helpless. They are simply lazy and, I hate to say it, stupid. The politicians and political string pullers are just doing whatever they can to advantage themselves."-GM

I couldn't disagree more with any other single statement you ever made George.

At this point, not only are the citizens helpless, their so called leaders are as well.

You're a systems thinker, correct? We're embedded in a network that NOBODY has control of anymore. How far back you would have to go to find where we lost control of it I do not know, but it predates the Industrial Revolution for sure.

While nobody is in control, the Elite bear the responsibility, because they are the beneficiaries of the system.

Your thinking on this is very linear and conventional. I am quite surprised at this.


George Mobus


You are certainly entitled to your opinion. It surprises me that from this one blog (and apparently discounting everything else I've written over the years) you conclude that my thinking is "linear and conventional". But to each their own.


I have read two of our posts now and they make extreme sense. The world is changing and it is true the reduction in C02 emission is not due to human caution but due to declined economic activities.

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