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June 21, 2015


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David Gould

I hear you loud and clear on education; I just transitioned to a semi-retirement status for many of the reasons mentioned as teaching has changed from education to a business model based on an assembly line basis. I felt like Lucy at the Chocolate Factory!

BTW, I like your doorstop of a book on Systems Science.

Dr. David Gould

Reverse Engineer

We are looking at the ☠ rattle of Education on the model of the Industrial Civilization.

Hopefully, it will not mean ☠ for Homo Sap or for all life on Earth in the near term.


George Mobus

@David Gould,

I've been getting a lot of personal e-mails from academics saying pretty much the same things. Though I'm afraid I am not familiar with "Lucy at the Chocolate Factory". Is this from the story "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"??

Thanks for the kind words on the book. Any thoughts about curriculum around the idea of systems science?


What is that little symbol? I sort of get the inference, but am not familiar with its exact meaning!



Lucy's Famous Chocolate Scene

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