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May 04, 2016


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Don Stewart

Everybody has an I will offer mine. Our problem is that no 'solution' which is realistic can get a majority vote. Some small groups of people may elect to move to some sort of Eco-Village and live a very different lifestyle...but that will never be a politically acceptable solution...leaving aside practical issues.

So politicians have to promise impossible things. We have not reached the Churchillian moment for 'blood, sweat, and tears'. So we get things like immigration walls and free college and guaranteed minimum incomes and free healthcare (with subsidized disease causing food). A politician who promised realistic choices would never get least now now.

The politician may:
*Believe their own rhetoric
*Have a plan that they are keeping secret.
*Be a simple self-serving hypocrite
*Not have a clue

In any event, don't hold your breath waiting for help from Washington, DC.

Don Stewart
PS But you promised us 'exciting news' about bringing Systems Science to the public. Perhaps you have the answers, and just haven't told us yet!

Richard Smith

I agree with Don Stewart on let's hear your "exciting news'. I have just started reading your book so should I read on or will your news blow me out of the water?

Richard Smith

George Mobus

@Don and Richard,

I don't know how much my "news" will blow anyone out of the water. As Don points out, no one should hold their breaths waiting for any magic bullets or superpersons to change everything. Perhaps the events I will be discussing come too late to make a major difference for the majority of people in this world. I strongly suspect as much. Nevertheless I feel compelled to push on with SS with the thought that some people will benefit from having a more holistic perspective of how the world works.

I'm awaiting some discussion with colleagues from my Linz trip to verify some possibilities but the bulk of my report is well along.


craig moodie

Pardon my cynicism,but I have the urge to use a quote from HL Mencken who succinctly stated the following "democracy is the pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance".
There you have it in the nutshell.

Craig Moodie.

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